The Definitive Guide to Korean BBQ for the Home Cook

Why you should host a Korean BBQ party for your friends and family

This type of Korean cooking is focused on balancing and contrasting the flavors and textures of the food. Everyone at the table can eat precisely what they want because it’s entirely customizable.

When you go out to eat KBBQ, this is what happens: Unordered little plates arrive at your table when you sit down. This is a banchan, a small side dish traditionally served with Korean barbecue. When you place meat, it will be delivered to your table uncooked. Wrap the meat in lettuce, dip it in a sauce, and consume it. Smoky, beefy, savory, and delectable describe this dish perfectly. Repeat the process of eating meat and drinking a lot of booze over and over again!

That sounds like a lot of fun. My husband, Mike, and I are big fans of Korean BBQ. One of our favorite pastimes is late-night barbecuing and chatting. While the participatory aspect appeals to me, Mike is more drawn to the meat and booze. The meal is something that both of us like. While everyone else was in lockdown, we missed Korean barbeque so much that we went to many Korean eateries. We couldn’t resist scratching this itch. So we did what we had to do: we made the ultimate KBBQ at home.

Koreatown BBQ, or KBBQ,

Korean BBQ is a popular way to barbecue meats right at the table, where it is served to diners as they eat. Tables in Korean BBQ restaurants feature built-in grills, whether they’re powered by gas, charcoal, or a portable stove. A variety of Korean side dishes known as banchan are served with grilled meats, including bulgogi and kalbi.

  • Korean BBQ supplies: What do I need to make it at home?

H-Mart or a Korean grocery store should have everything you need, and they’ll even supply you with marinated meats. If you don’t have access to a Korean grocer’s store, you can buy meat and marinate it on your own. Having no banchan isn’t a dealbreaker. Ssamjang-dipped ssamjang-wrapped pork is the essence of Korean BBQ.

Drinks to accompany your KBBQ

Beer and soju are popular beverages among most people. Also very popular is makgeolli, a creamy sweet rice wine. Soju-based concoctions such as Yakut and soju, Melona and soju, and soda and soju are all viable options. Iced teas are a great choice if you’re looking to avoid alcohol.

The marinade for the bulgogi can be made ahead of time if desired.

What if I don’t have to? Many times, Korean BBQ is served “naked” so that the natural flavors of the meats may shine through. This is the preferred method of preparing Korean BBQ among Japanese diners at yakiniku. Some of the meats were left unseasoned to add salt and sauce to them.

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