No one is picking up my Door Dash order (Why-And How to Avoid It!)

Delivery to your door is a convenient way to eat out. Door Dash is one example of such a service. You can order food from your favorite restaurants by simply tapping a button.

One problem with food delivery services is the long wait. It is something I’ve personally experienced, and it frustrates me to wonder why no one picks me up from Door Dash, sometimes for 2 hours.

You need to receive your Door Dash order. Continue reading to find out what you can do if your Door Dash orders are not being picked up.

Is anyone picking up my Door Dash orders?

No Dashers are available to pick up your Door Dash order.

These are things you should know and do when faced with these situations.

Dashers Do Not Interest With The Order

The tip needs to be higher. Door Dash calculates the minimum cost for its contractors. It is usually 2 to 3 dollars.

It could be a time-waster for dashers, particularly if the order is received late or is too far away. The average tipping amount is 15-20% and 20% of your total bill. It will help you estimate how much tip to give to a Dasher to have them pick up your order.

It could also be due to distance. Dashers might not pick up your order if there is congestion or you are far from the restaurant. Remember that Dashers are paid by the hour and not per delivery.

No Dashers Are Available

Sometimes, there is no Dashesr available to pick up your order. It happens most often when orders are placed at unsociable hours or during peak times. These Dashers could be working on shift, or other charges may occupy them.

What happens to my Door Dash order if nobody picks it up?

If no one picks your Door Dash order, there are four solutions:

  • Door Dash will cancel or refund your order.
  • Cancel your order and receive a full reimbursement
  • Place another order but with a higher tip
  • You can pick up your order

DoorDash can cancel your order and refund it.

Door Dash will cancel or return your order if it still needs to be picked up within 30 days. Depending on how the issue is resolved, Door Dash may refund the amount.

Door Dash cannot refund delivery fees and additional tips if your order is picked up from the Dasher. Door Dash will refund your entire order if it is canceled.

Cancel Your Order and Get A Refund

You can get your full refund if you cancel the order. The order must be assigned to someone other than a driver or confirmed by the restaurant.

Cancellation of your Door Dash order is possible by:

  1. Navigate to the ” orders” page of Door dash
  2. Click on ” Help”
  3. Click on ” Delivery issues.”
  4. Chat with an agent or pick your resolution (picking-up, reordering, full reimbursement)

Place another order with a higher tip.

You can order the same thing again but with a bigger tip. If you tip more, you will have a greater chance of your order being picked up by Dashers. It is impossible to predict whether Dashers will be available to pick up your order.

Order Now

If there’s no one else to pick it up, you can pick it up yourself. Door Dash will refund you the delivery fee and any additional tips, although it is more complicated. Door Dash will reimburse you the delivery fee and any other information you have given them before and after you pick up your order.

Can I pick up my Door Dash order?

Instead of using a Dasher, you can pick up your Door Dash orders yourself. Just click on the Pickup tab while you order.

Be sure to take note of the time it takes to prepare your order.

Please select the self-pickup resolution if you choose to pick up your order after cancellation. It allows the restaurant either to keep your order in reserve or to resume preparations. Door Dash will reimburse delivery fees.


Door Dash allows you to order food at your favorite restaurants. It can be frustrating if the order takes too long or there is no Dasher available to take it.

Tipping: To increase your chance of being picked, use the tipping feature in the app and cash tips during delivery.


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